Thursday, December 14, 2006

I wish I had a cup of Christmas Cheer

I am tired.. not just that I got up on the wrong side of the bed tired .. but the I can't see straight, bone weary achy muscle tired. It's sucky. This past month everything has been going wrong at my house.. my toilets broke, my dryers broke..our bank is broke.. My husband is broke. It sucks ... but we have gone through worse. Right?

The biggest problem I have right now, is that my husband is SEVERLY depressed. I have never, ever seen him this way. EVER. Normally we can talk about it and I can cheer him up enough to get him going. Not anymore. I have reached my limit. I feel like such a cold heartless bitch. I have tried getting him to talk to me but it turns into a battle.. I get my defenses up , beleive me Lord, I really try not to.
I don't know what to do. I want to help him ,but, I have come to the point where I just don't know how.

I had him talk to my mom, but that really didn't seem like it worked. He will not talk tohis friends. The friends I have talked to aren't very much help. Orthey just don't want to. I am frustrated, pissed and feel very much alone. I am making this as best as I possibly can for the kids. I just don't know what to do.

Depression alientates not only the person who is depressed but the whole family.
Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Manic Monday

The Kitchen .. it has been cleaned. I have been neglecting the room that is the most important in this house. It was driving me insane.. so after breakfast.. I toiled..and sweat ..and toiled some more...

But it is done ..and until 3pm It will remain perfectly spotless until..
the children of destruction arrive and then...

I will cry.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


So I have been avoiding you. Well, not all of you, just some of you.
Kidding aside. Holiday's are crazy, We have been traveling all over. Visiting
family, friends and hobo's on the street. To spead good cheer , you know?

My daycare is putting on a christmas program , which is very entertaining, I am trying to teach my 4 one-year-olds how to sing " All I want for Christmas" ,NOT working.. at all . They just sway side to side and push each other down . Very cute , very entertaining. MY older daycare kids will be doing 'Jingle Bell Rock'
with sunglasses. Very Elvis Presley..

OK,on to more important things,like what I need for Christmas.Just give me Wentworth Miller. Wrapped in a bow, or you can keep the bow.Give me him and I will be whistling dixie for the next year. My husband won't mind, I will just hid Mr. Miller in the closet, or under the bed. Better yet I can introduce him as my pool boy , even though the closest thing I have to a pool is a little 7'inch high thing, oh, and did I forget to mention that it's below 30 degrees? Well Wenty-dear can thaw my ice.

Christmas programs and hot men... just the thing to get me back in the swing of things!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I suck and I know it!

just kidding ..obviously I have been a total lazy ass when it comes to posting, and I know the whole sick kid excuse is a no go , so we will just blame it on my fear of commitment, ok? You know I love you , but I just can't commit to you. I am such a man..just kidding ya'll.

Anyway the party is coming along fine, and I pretty have all the 'nasty' games that will make my guests either scream with delight or gasp in horror..(I would rather see delight) and I found a whole bunch of raunchy snacks , like jello boobies,(no mine will not be served) penis suckers for the ladies, and a couple of other not so classy things. I am going to make slushy drinks with quite a bit o' alcohol. I guess to put it mildly we are hoping to have a night of debauchery!

Mocha Momma I definatly want you there ! Quick fly out to Montana and pary with us !

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Throwing a Party

In next week is the other half's birthday. He's turning 34. he always says he doesn't want a party. He is lying ..I just know it. He knows how much I love throwing parties. Swanky Soirees, tailgates, slumber, it don't matter as long as its a party.

I went through the whole litany of what type , to theme or not to theme, and themes are just so much more fun. I wanted an arabian nights theme , or a pirate bash. I asked him what he wanted, he didn't care as long as his favorite cake , Better than Sex cake was served. SO .. I just took my raunchy side and went from there ...
Planning is still in the works , so I don't have a whole lot of details other than it will be a Cocks/ Vixens party, a take on the Vicars/ Tarts party that are thrown in Europe. So more fun details to come. Right now the sis in law is coming over to help plan.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

da first of da month

Yet another way I can torture my husband ..dress the kids in jerseys of team he hates with a burning passion!!What is going on with the Steelers?

Ok , If you all read,you know what I am about to do .. for those of you who don't,I am commiting to blogging EVERY SINGLE DAY!Thats right people I will subject you to the turbulent drama that is my life , the ups the downs.. when I can't find anything to write about I will subject you to the spit up of the day, and the b.m.'s ..all in jest here..peeps!

So, whether it be long winded or just a paragraph , I will be typing eloquent words of intelligence..(yeah right)everyday for a month.. why thats better than a half off discount to see the Space needle if your blind!(a whole other story involving my cousin.I will tell) ((Later)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Feeling better!

1 week post surgery-
I am so glad I got that thing out. My doctor had a rough time getting the gallbladder out , due to the fact it was so swollen. He said if it had taken him any longer than I would have had to be opened up. Which is something I am glad he didn't do . I am still a little sore, still have my staples in(ICK), and am prone to running around in scrub pants , much easier on my still tender tummy.

I appreaciate everyones prayers and well wishes. I am so glad all this is over!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Its coming soon

Two days to go. I am in pain , and hate taking all that vicodin. it makes my head cloudy, and tired. Boy oh boy I can't wait until this thing is out of me. I am trying to clean up the house as much as I possibly can , so there isn't that much to do while I am recovering. Although everything was completely picked up, it's almost like swimming upstream, pointless and tiring. The kids , esp. the twins are steady tearing it apart. I haven't been in the greatest of moods , to put it bluntly I have been down right bitchy. My patience level is virtually non-existing, and I can't seem to be nice to anyone. I am not at my best when I feel my worst.

So it's time for me to buck up , bite back the knawing pain in my tummy and put the midgets down for bed. The it's off to la la land for me.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Gall of my gall bladder

I am having surgery next Wednesday , the 18th. I am getting this pain in my side out. I haven't been feeling that great lately, and everytime I ate my side would start hurting , turns out I have a diseased (sp) Gall Bladder, there are no stones , its just sick , sort of like an appendedix,or however that is spelled. The good news is once its out I should feel great. I hope so considering I feel awful, even though I am drugged up completely , meds for pain , meds for nausea. I can not wait to get this thing out . So I am sorry that this is so short ya'll but I can bearly see , much less spell anything. Speaking or writing cohearently is something that I just can't do. PLeases pray it all works out ! Thank you !

Monday, October 02, 2006

I hate Mondays

Mondays have never been my favorite day of the week.
In fact it would almost be easier if I said that I hated Mondays, but that wouldn't be totally true. I mean the kids go back to school on Mondays, hubby leaves for work on Mondays. So it is a little bit nice. Notice I said little in little. Other that that I have a strong dislike for Mondays.

It's hard getting back to a mad rush work week, after having potetially relaxing weekends where time seems to slow down a little bit , and you and your favorite girls get together and have a bottle of wine (actually..make that 5 bottles of wine and one of tequila.) and look at dildos,vibrators,and love swings!Oh,my!

Let me explain the whole dildo thing. I hosted a Pure Romance party, and had all my girls over.. we got crazy , and loud ..spent way too much money . But it was fun.. One of my friends had never , ever been to one of these kinds of parties , the look on her face I tell you was so priceless that I would have easily paid thousands to see it again. It was that funny. She got so worked up that mid-party she called her s.o. and told him that she needed him to go to the ATM so she can get everthing she wanted.. I really need to meet more people like her that will break the bank so I can get me more stuff. Greedy little heathen,aren't I?

After the party we decided to go clubbin' (if you can even call it that in this town) (( I mean I can't really say we went..hole-in-the wallin'!)) Murph's was packed and the drinks were flowing. This whole weekend I went out with $5.00 and came home with a nice buzz . I know I am cheap but when your destitute gotta do what you gotta do.. The dj , was playing all of our songs..or at least songs that we thought were ours after all the wine/tequila. After dancing,jiggying... salsaing.. we were spent, and soon one by one we all drifted to our respective homes. By the way ,,if I called or texted you..please ignore all requests for money, sex or both ..Seriously. Unless you really wanna give it to me. The money ,I mean.

Mondays just don't have that same free flowing vibe that Fridays have. There is always that prayer for the day to be over and over fast. Between the Landlord coming over to shut off the sprinkler system and seeing my mountians of laundry and the sick kids that are home from school, the coffee that has no creamer, the fridge that is near empty Mondays hold no magic for me ,just headache . Yeah, I think I like my Fridays better.

Friday, September 15, 2006

I am here!

Well, Praise God!! I am here in Washington !! So as you can see , I got paid!!!! The day before we left my deposit came. I was so happy and I got it!
The train ride out was beautiful. Keith and I had breakfast with a couple on the train that were celebrating their 50th anniversery . I can only hope we make it that long . Ya'll know how marriage is , today I love him , tomarrow I might want to put a hit out on him! Pure love. The only problem we had was a tweaking meth addict , with no clothes on tried jumping on the tracks. I have now officially seen it all!

As soon as we got here ,my husband was deposited at our friends house so he could nap. He was so tired he didn't even realize that I took his whole wallet.Jenny , (our friend we are staying with)and I headed over to Lane Bryant to check out some new threads for me. I found the most bootylicious jeans in the world , on sale yall!!

We then went to the local beauty school and got a pedicure. My feets are gorgeous, no more funky feet. While I was there I asked the instructor how much it would cost to put a few red , streaks in my hair , she said for 3 it would be only $15. Then she gave me a sweet deal, she ended up doing my whole head for only 15!

After that we went back to our friends house and ate pizza , passing out from pure tiredness right after. I won't lie Keith got some nookie ! ( I was feeling hot)

The next day found us in Tacoma ,at the Tacoma Mall, I got some high heels that look like moccassins on crack. Very Sexy, I tell you. I also bought a black Kimono type sweater , and black dress capri's. (if there is such a term)

That evening we went to a casino on the Snohomish or Salish not sure, had some NICE Prime Rib,the house wine and a creme brulee. I am still stuffed from that dinner. Keith's friend Ray, ate a 16oz steak,I swear it looked like a roast. Then he proceeded to polish off a huge peice of cheesecake. OH.MY.GOSH. Where on earth did he put it all?

Saturday we went to the Olympia Farmers Market. If you guys could see the gorgeous flowers! I really wished we lived there so that I could always buy fresh flowers. My whole house would just be overwhelming with flowers. Lillies, Dahlias,More lillies..
Later that afternoon we decided to drive to Port Townsend and see some of the local shops. I love Port Townsend, it is really this quaint town, with docks and ferrys, and these funky stores. Keith bought me a pretty little antique looking ring with an
ameythest stone. I love it.

Sunday brought us to Seattle . The boys watched the Seahawks game, Jenny and I went to explore Pike Place Market and Nordstroms Rack. But that adventure will have to be in another post ..because duty calls and the kids are starving!

Monday, September 11, 2006

oh where ,oh where is my money at?

Ok , it's Monday, no money has been directed to my deposit, no deposit directed to me. ugh. Mail was nothing either. SO I called some people who should know what is going on, talked to someone who said she would call me back after she looked around to see if she can find out what happened .That was at noon , and I called back around 4pm, and just got her voicemail. I sounded SUPER nice and SUPER polite!, so I hope she calls me in the morning and lets me know what happened. I really need that money for our trip. I can only hope it comes by tomarrow. OR I AM SCREWED!!!!!
Please people breakout your prayers!!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

God , please hear my pity prayer!!

Ok.. I am sorry to do this esp. since I have been so lazy about blogging here.

Keith and I are supposed to be going on vacation next week.ALONE, without children! We will be riding the amtrak train on Wed, from Shelby,Mt. to Seattle. Now mind I should be overjoyed, and screaming of the rooftop, of HOW OVERJOYED I AM!!
Reality check, I am not overjoyed, not in the least bit. I am this close to having a nervous breakdown and chucking the whole idea out the window.
The tickets are paid for, the babysitter is lined up , daycare children and parents have found subs while I am gone, So what the hell is wrong with me?
Money or lack there of. I am waiting for my state reimbursment check.(for doing daycare) This is the check we will be using for food, shopping, and entertainment. We have paid all our bills for the month and are using this money for the trip. So until it is here I am on pins and needles waiting for the little bugger to show. Now I applied for direct deposit so it could show up at the bank at any given time between now and Monday or,if it came by mail it could be here between now and next year, (just kidding, I hope). I am doing every kind of prayer possible to have it come soon. Reasoning wiht me just doesn't work,unless it is right here in my hand ,I don't believe it is ever coming. It makes me anxious and high strung, because it is so out of my hands and I can't control when the mail will come or when the desposit gets directed. SO I sit here and wait and wait and sit. I am getting nothing done, except worrying some more. I should be cleaning my house , getting the kids stuff together, getting my stuff together, and all the other stuff you are supposed to do when you go on vacation, (except I wouldn't know what to do because I have never taken one!EVER, with out kids !)Please someone shoot me with some prozac now! This anxiety has reached a all time high.

I am begging , pleading with God, to let me have this vacation, so I can relax, and rejuvinate,because I am at my breaking point, I am overwhelmed with this whole mommy, housewife..thing that I just need a little break with hubby for some nookie and cheese cake or in his case , clam chowder. I need to step away from this home and have some time away from this town and everything in it so I can come back with a clear head and be able to focus on raising my children, getting dinner served and doing those damn dishes.

This little vacation has been a lonnnnnng time coming and at times seemed like it never would come, so now that it has snuck up on me , I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I feel like there is so much to do but I just don't know where to start. I hate getting overwhemed but it does seem to get the best of me. Btw , this is Keiths first vacation that hes taken where we didn't have to plan it around a birth of a child . SO he needs it to! Please GOD!!!!!
So if you love me or even if you don't love me please pray that this check comes before Wed,(like it is supposed to) and I just take a breath and calm down so I don't have to check myself into the hospital like I am about to! See I told you I needed this vacation!

Ok , God works in very mysterious ways, I opened the mail and while getting annoyed that the check wasn't there, I found this weird looking envelope, from an insurance company that my husband had for a business he used to own. Now I had a feeling it was a refund from them before , because an internal audit revealed they had overcharged alot of people. In December , we recieved a check from them and it came straight to our address . So I open the envelope up and sure enough its a refund check !!Awesome !!The weird thing is that it was sent to my old address , we havent lived there for almost 3 years! So if we would have recieved this a month ago , then we would have spent it , but because it was sent to the wrong address, it came exactly when I needed it most !!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!! ok I am so stoked now!!

Monday, August 14, 2006

After Midnite

I can't sleep.
I don't want to sleep. Crazy thing for me to say , especially when I usually love to go to bed.
Last night a scary thing happened to me . I was looking out my bedroom window when , I must have fallen asleep. The next thing I knew I was awake, except I couldn't move a muscle, nothing, I couldn't talk, or hardly breathe. I was freaking out trying to call my husbands name and elbow him to help me . I could not move at all. So after what seemed like forever,which probably was only a couple of minutes, I fought with my body to make myself move. Finally, I felt movement coming back to me and I jumped up and smacked my husband and told him what happened. You know what he did said oh ,that was scary , and fell back asleep.I was pissed, and scared. In the morning we considered what had happened. We both came to the conclusion that it was sleep induced paralysis. Where you wake up but the part of your brain that controls all of your muscles doesn't actually wake up with you. I guess it is pretty common. My husband felt that I am exhausted and because of my lack of a rest my mind is playing tricks on me.What ever it was , I pray it never happens again, I actually thought I was having s heart attack .

Ever since I was a little girl I have been scared of death, of how, of when..ect.
I am one of those people who just loves life so much that I am so afraid to just be a memory. I wanna be there! I am by nature a contradictive person,
I am wild, yet demure. Strong but weak, Arrogant and insecure. Calm..yet anxious.
I sometimes have anxiety attacks about death. They just seem to come from nowhere.
Bam,there they are .I hate it . It is a part of my life I don't really tell anyone about. I see now that I am not the only one who has them. It is a liberating thought to realize , your not going crazy.

I know I worry too much, but I only get one shot at this life, I wanna get it right. My babies mean the world to me and I don't want to even think about leaving them to face this crazy ,deranged , world alone. So yes, after last nights episode, I am a little leary about entering la-la land for a restful sleep. Even though I m tired and need it desparatly.

I guess I should probably close shop down and head to bed because my head feels very heavy, and I am misspelling everything. So I will close for now , please pray that I get a decent nights rest and have no more episodes.


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Grounds for Divorce..Abandonment?

According to my husband and children,I have abandoned them.

Now before you get your panties in a bunch, I did not leave them for the hot UPS man, the Cute Water delivery guy, or the sexy meter man.
It's the computer, or better yet it's Joy Unexpected, Dooce, Suburban Bliss, Finslippy,and No Pasa Nada,I am soo addicted to ya'll. Like I mentioned in my ode to thee blogs , I have become enthralled with these things. I have no life.

If my husband comes home and sees that there is a huge stack of dishes , or dinner isn't cooked, and general chaos is ruling over my household, I fake a headache and tell him I haven't been feeling good.(only when it comes to chores people , not with anything else.) He sits like a patient Goldren Retreiver, waiting for me to finish typing or reading that one last paragraph. He like to tease me and tell me I am online with 'my boyfriends'. Little does he know that 'my boyfriends'are a bunch of women that have the ability to look at the absurdity of parenting, or life in general and make something out of it.

My kids are also in battle with me , for the computer .. they want to play games on, or Cartoon Network, but before they can spell .com, I am already logged on and have happily submerged myself in everyone elses business. They pout and complain, telling each other that mommy loves the computer more than them. Not really , but the computer doesn't beg to be fed, doesn't throw mud pies at a clean car, break windows, or even pour my new makeup down the drain. On the same token , my computer doesn't hug back , give smushy kisses ..or tell me I am futifull(beautiful).

Keith just doesn't get the whole 'blogging' thing. "Why would anybody want to read about us?" or " Don't tell them I like to prance around in little mini skirts , wearing your high heels , and singing "I'm a Material Girl". (Just kidding folks,I really wanted to see if you were paying attention.)Blogging is a form of therapy for me, I get all the funk in my junk out . I love to let all you people know about my hated tasks of dishes and my habitual breaking of the vaccums. I admit all my lovely faults here ,where I probably wouldn't be able to anywhere else. I admit I have pride and stumble with being humble. (isn't that a perfectly worded sentence? It is soo much better than saying I am stuck on my self and can't see past my own sexy nose.)
Reading everyone elses blogs also relaxes me and if it is a particularily rough day , I will crack a smile. or two.
When I read Y's blog (Joy Unexpected) It makes me laugh ,cry and wanna take that girl out for a drink and a night of dancing! Dooce, I love the way she handles lifes curveballs,gives them the finger,and goes on living.She gets through it with grace and humor. These are two women who have been through the throes of pregnancy, battled depression,and struggled with everyday life,they put it all on the table for us to see. These girls have big balls. They inspire me to go on with my life and realize that nobodys life is perfect,yes,children do drive you crazy,and your husband,while being the hottie he is, can still be a total PAIN . You ladies get me through the sometimes tedious,yet mostly repetitive job of being a wife and a mommy. For you chicas ,I am grateful.

So while my husbands argument that I have abandoned him and the kids may not stand in court. My mentioning him in a mini-skirt , singing Madonna tunes online, however ,will . So I better go and kiss some serious butt. I don't want to be in the doghouse again.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

in the beginning....

there was me.. now there is more than me x 7 (yes,spouse counts as kid), I have no issues with all the people it's just all the chores that go with it.
Take laundry(really please !) for instance , this is no small feat, if you miss one day you are screwed. I usually have to do about 2-3 loads aday. Now do the math if each person has 7 outfits , one for each day of the week, and there is 8 people , that is 56 items . 56 items do not fit in my washing machine all at once. Not even when I stuff them. Now realize this my children and I have more clothes than the Mall of America. I get rid of their outgrown stuff and bam we somehow aquire more. It is like owning guppies, they just keep reproducing.

Dishes is another thing , as of right now we do not own a dishwasher.(not because we live in the stone-age up here in Montana), because my very tight closet that you may call a kitchen, there is hardly enough room for my children and I to eat in, much less to put a dishwasher in. I thought about getting one of those counter top dishwashers , but the sheer size of my family's dirty dishes from one meal would make me have to do numerous loads, numerous times a day. WASTE!! Plus I have been doing dishes since I was 9 , I am fast and good. Now, if only my oldest would be this good so I can stop. One meal consists of 8 plates , umpteen silverwares, and dozen glasses. That my dear is just for lunch/ breakfast. Dinner is a whole nother story. If you count snacks in there or guests you might as well put on your resume that your a dishwasher.

General cleaning I can handle if I have working utensils of cleaning. If I had the merry maids utensils . Shoot if I had any working utensils. For every room in this house I have a broken vaccuum. No lie .I keep Hoover,Eureka, and the Red Devil, very rich. I actually have a 1960's hoover , mint condition . The only thing wrong with all these broken vaccums is that they do not have belts. Stupid,I know, lazy,I know. Believe me ,I know. My only reason for them being that way is that I run over things, and I break the belts . My husband works a million hours a day ,the last thing I really want to do is ask him to fix the vaccum. Then I get chasitised for all the things I vacuum up, money, toys, you name it I have vacuumed it up. I am sure in the book of vaccum abuse I am listed as a chronic abuser. I just have no control when it comes to vaccuming. So I just go buy new ones. Cheap new ones. Every year. I probably have bought more vaccums in one year than have gotten my oil change or a tune up, Now thats bad.

Dusting is easy just use whatever rag is near by and it's all gravy. Wiping walls is my personal demon. I hate it . With a passion. For some reason whenever I go to wash (or warsh ,as my sister -in-law calls it)Bunny Trail: What is warsh anyway? All the Montanan- Norewigians talk that way,well except for me. When I was growing up I used to argue on the correct sayings & speakings of Proper English. There is a story told again and again of how I broke my cousins nose when we were nine and she used to call spaghetti, pasgetti. ohh that still gets me heated.
ANYWAY, when I go to wash walls its like all the muscles in my arm disappear ,I just go slack. I hate washing walls. What exactly is it that posesses an eight- year old , to walk with both hands touching the walls for balance, when his 15 month old sister walks down the hallway UNASSISTED?

I always thought about hiring someone to come clean for us , like a cheap high-schooler or something , but I am horrible, I feel like I would have to clean the house up before they came to clean .I guess until I turn these children into cleaning machines , I will be toiling the day away....

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Ok .. I obviously woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.
I woke up at 4:30, freezing , (left the air on) with a crying child wanting to cuddle up with me. Which eventually means all the other children will waddle half awake and land in bed with us. Soon my room starts resembling a frat house after much partying,people just passed out everywhere. What is it about a parents room that children just love to gather in? SO, we fall asleep and at 5:30 my first child I watch is here. Struggling, I lay him down in the crib and he falls back asleep. Making my first, albiet not last,pot of coffee. All this time I am praying that this day is not going to be a looong one.

By 8:00 , I have everyone who is going to be here for the day , and three of them are teething, my youngest child, and two others . They are not happy, don't even look at them worng , because then it is all over! I am saying the serenity prayer, the Lords' Prayer, and Psalm 23, 43, 55, and 30003 over in my head to keep sane.
Pancakes and fruit are served, and all is quiet for the moment. Quietness ..even if it is short is Heaven on earth .

What is the rule that if you care for other children , your children feel the need to act up even more? I have came so close to calling my mommy and tell her that her grandbabies are picking on their mommy.

After breakfast , circle time ,free play and clean up ..It is time to go outside . You gotta keep these little ones busy or all heck breaks loose.
We go for a semi - long walk and sooon it is lunch time and after that is my blessed , most favoritest time ...NAP TIME!!

I turn on some slow quiet music ,Norah Jones, and soon everyone is asleep.

Quiteness ruling over the house the rest of the afternoon goes realitivly smooth
until later when all hades breaks loose.

My husband , my children and I are all in our front yard. Kids are playing, my oldest son is riding his bike up and down the sidewalk in front of our house. He stops at his friends house and then getting back on his bike and putting his helmet back on he gets hit. By a car. By his friends father. AGAGAGAAGAGAGHHHHH!

He gets up and runs home screaming," I got ran over by a car!, Someone hit me!!",
he then proceeds to fall dramatically on the ground. OH. MY . GOSH!!!!!!

I run over to him and start to check him out , there's no blood , but his right ear is starting to turn purple and his right shoulder is bruising up nicely. I look around and don't see anyone. So here I am thinking the worst and that my son was the victim of a hit and run.

Just a couple of seconds later , his friends father came down with my sons bike and told us what happened , how he was backing up in the driveway (he has a midsize truck) and heard/ felt a bump on the back of his truck, so he immeadialty put his truck and park and got out to see what it was . By that time,my son had already gotten up and ran home.

I immeadiatly took him to the hospital , where they pronounced him , fine (THANK YOU, GOD!!!) just a little brusied and with a sprain in his shoulder. They gave him some tylenol, and a brace for his arm and sent us on our way.By the time we got home I was exhausted, but thankful my son was ok. I just kept thinking about how the outcome could have been so much worse.

On a much lighter note , my husband and I are planning to visit our best friends in Washington in the middle of September. Our friends have season tickets to the Seahawks and my husband , our friend Ray are both die- hard Steelers fans,they plan on being completely decked out from head to toe in Steelers gear! At the opening home game. I am so not hoping to get lynched!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Hello to myself..

I am not the best at making introductions.
I always feel as if I was a used car sales man trying to talk up a 1989 Chevy Citation and make it sound like a 1999 Jaguar.
My name is Melanie. I really am a diva, and at times have been destitute.
Just kidding.
I am a 27 year old woman who happens to be married to a hottie (when I am not mad at him),named Keith but, he goes by STEVE. Long story, inside joke! Keith works loong days and leaves me in the care of our six children. Whom range in ages of 10,8,5, twins that are 4 , and a 15 month old. As you can see I have been very busy.(or very bored..)

I have been a stay at home mother for exactly 5 years now, where as before I was in college to pursue a degree that I really can't use here in the lovely town I live in. There isn't a market for Design outside of Auto CAD, in Great Falls. I believe I went to just rack up the hugest student loans in the world.As if I didn't have enough bills already. So I freelance Interior Design from the home, I barter my trade. I will decorate your home for free haircuts, Mary Kay makeup and high class booze. Seriously.

I actually enjoy being home with my chids..(a mix of children and kids). We find new
ways to torture one another each and every day. I show them how to be clean and responsible and they show me how fast they can try to give me gray hairs. Which aren't showing thanks to the free color.

Let's break it down..
Likes - singing(whether I can carry a tune is another story), dancing,painting and chocolate..
dislikes- worms and close minded people. Stubborn , onery closed -minded people.

Now that you have seen that citation ..would you like to take it for a test ride?
I promise it cruises like a jag.

One of many..

Blogs...oh How I love thee...
You get me through the mundane,
Relieve me of the boredom that sinks in after lunch time.

You save me from laundry, dishes , mopping ,and
just about anyother task I feel is below me and just don't want
to do.

You aquaint me with people I would most likely never meet outside of
my house. Because I never leave my house..(With this many kids are you crazy?)

You make me feel normal after all 'cuz there is a bunch of crazy moms just like me!