Friday, September 15, 2006

I am here!

Well, Praise God!! I am here in Washington !! So as you can see , I got paid!!!! The day before we left my deposit came. I was so happy and I got it!
The train ride out was beautiful. Keith and I had breakfast with a couple on the train that were celebrating their 50th anniversery . I can only hope we make it that long . Ya'll know how marriage is , today I love him , tomarrow I might want to put a hit out on him! Pure love. The only problem we had was a tweaking meth addict , with no clothes on tried jumping on the tracks. I have now officially seen it all!

As soon as we got here ,my husband was deposited at our friends house so he could nap. He was so tired he didn't even realize that I took his whole wallet.Jenny , (our friend we are staying with)and I headed over to Lane Bryant to check out some new threads for me. I found the most bootylicious jeans in the world , on sale yall!!

We then went to the local beauty school and got a pedicure. My feets are gorgeous, no more funky feet. While I was there I asked the instructor how much it would cost to put a few red , streaks in my hair , she said for 3 it would be only $15. Then she gave me a sweet deal, she ended up doing my whole head for only 15!

After that we went back to our friends house and ate pizza , passing out from pure tiredness right after. I won't lie Keith got some nookie ! ( I was feeling hot)

The next day found us in Tacoma ,at the Tacoma Mall, I got some high heels that look like moccassins on crack. Very Sexy, I tell you. I also bought a black Kimono type sweater , and black dress capri's. (if there is such a term)

That evening we went to a casino on the Snohomish or Salish not sure, had some NICE Prime Rib,the house wine and a creme brulee. I am still stuffed from that dinner. Keith's friend Ray, ate a 16oz steak,I swear it looked like a roast. Then he proceeded to polish off a huge peice of cheesecake. OH.MY.GOSH. Where on earth did he put it all?

Saturday we went to the Olympia Farmers Market. If you guys could see the gorgeous flowers! I really wished we lived there so that I could always buy fresh flowers. My whole house would just be overwhelming with flowers. Lillies, Dahlias,More lillies..
Later that afternoon we decided to drive to Port Townsend and see some of the local shops. I love Port Townsend, it is really this quaint town, with docks and ferrys, and these funky stores. Keith bought me a pretty little antique looking ring with an
ameythest stone. I love it.

Sunday brought us to Seattle . The boys watched the Seahawks game, Jenny and I went to explore Pike Place Market and Nordstroms Rack. But that adventure will have to be in another post ..because duty calls and the kids are starving!

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