Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Grounds for Divorce..Abandonment?

According to my husband and children,I have abandoned them.

Now before you get your panties in a bunch, I did not leave them for the hot UPS man, the Cute Water delivery guy, or the sexy meter man.
It's the computer, or better yet it's Joy Unexpected, Dooce, Suburban Bliss, Finslippy,and No Pasa Nada,I am soo addicted to ya'll. Like I mentioned in my ode to thee blogs , I have become enthralled with these things. I have no life.

If my husband comes home and sees that there is a huge stack of dishes , or dinner isn't cooked, and general chaos is ruling over my household, I fake a headache and tell him I haven't been feeling good.(only when it comes to chores people , not with anything else.) He sits like a patient Goldren Retreiver, waiting for me to finish typing or reading that one last paragraph. He like to tease me and tell me I am online with 'my boyfriends'. Little does he know that 'my boyfriends'are a bunch of women that have the ability to look at the absurdity of parenting, or life in general and make something out of it.

My kids are also in battle with me , for the computer .. they want to play games on Disney.com, or Cartoon Network, but before they can spell .com, I am already logged on and have happily submerged myself in everyone elses business. They pout and complain, telling each other that mommy loves the computer more than them. Not really , but the computer doesn't beg to be fed, doesn't throw mud pies at a clean car, break windows, or even pour my new makeup down the drain. On the same token , my computer doesn't hug back , give smushy kisses ..or tell me I am futifull(beautiful).

Keith just doesn't get the whole 'blogging' thing. "Why would anybody want to read about us?" or " Don't tell them I like to prance around in little mini skirts , wearing your high heels , and singing "I'm a Material Girl". (Just kidding folks,I really wanted to see if you were paying attention.)Blogging is a form of therapy for me, I get all the funk in my junk out . I love to let all you people know about my hated tasks of dishes and my habitual breaking of the vaccums. I admit all my lovely faults here ,where I probably wouldn't be able to anywhere else. I admit I have pride and stumble with being humble. (isn't that a perfectly worded sentence? It is soo much better than saying I am stuck on my self and can't see past my own sexy nose.)
Reading everyone elses blogs also relaxes me and if it is a particularily rough day , I will crack a smile. or two.
When I read Y's blog (Joy Unexpected) It makes me laugh ,cry and wanna take that girl out for a drink and a night of dancing! Dooce, I love the way she handles lifes curveballs,gives them the finger,and goes on living.She gets through it with grace and humor. These are two women who have been through the throes of pregnancy, battled depression,and struggled with everyday life,they put it all on the table for us to see. These girls have big balls. They inspire me to go on with my life and realize that nobodys life is perfect,yes,children do drive you crazy,and your husband,while being the hottie he is, can still be a total PAIN . You ladies get me through the sometimes tedious,yet mostly repetitive job of being a wife and a mommy. For you chicas ,I am grateful.

So while my husbands argument that I have abandoned him and the kids may not stand in court. My mentioning him in a mini-skirt , singing Madonna tunes online, however ,will . So I better go and kiss some serious butt. I don't want to be in the doghouse again.

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