Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Gall of my gall bladder

I am having surgery next Wednesday , the 18th. I am getting this pain in my side out. I haven't been feeling that great lately, and everytime I ate my side would start hurting , turns out I have a diseased (sp) Gall Bladder, there are no stones , its just sick , sort of like an appendedix,or however that is spelled. The good news is once its out I should feel great. I hope so considering I feel awful, even though I am drugged up completely , meds for pain , meds for nausea. I can not wait to get this thing out . So I am sorry that this is so short ya'll but I can bearly see , much less spell anything. Speaking or writing cohearently is something that I just can't do. PLeases pray it all works out ! Thank you !

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