Wednesday, November 01, 2006

da first of da month

Yet another way I can torture my husband ..dress the kids in jerseys of team he hates with a burning passion!!What is going on with the Steelers?

Ok , If you all read,you know what I am about to do .. for those of you who don't,I am commiting to blogging EVERY SINGLE DAY!Thats right people I will subject you to the turbulent drama that is my life , the ups the downs.. when I can't find anything to write about I will subject you to the spit up of the day, and the b.m.'s ..all in jest here..peeps!

So, whether it be long winded or just a paragraph , I will be typing eloquent words of intelligence..(yeah right)everyday for a month.. why thats better than a half off discount to see the Space needle if your blind!(a whole other story involving my cousin.I will tell) ((Later)

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