Monday, July 24, 2006

Hello to myself..

I am not the best at making introductions.
I always feel as if I was a used car sales man trying to talk up a 1989 Chevy Citation and make it sound like a 1999 Jaguar.
My name is Melanie. I really am a diva, and at times have been destitute.
Just kidding.
I am a 27 year old woman who happens to be married to a hottie (when I am not mad at him),named Keith but, he goes by STEVE. Long story, inside joke! Keith works loong days and leaves me in the care of our six children. Whom range in ages of 10,8,5, twins that are 4 , and a 15 month old. As you can see I have been very busy.(or very bored..)

I have been a stay at home mother for exactly 5 years now, where as before I was in college to pursue a degree that I really can't use here in the lovely town I live in. There isn't a market for Design outside of Auto CAD, in Great Falls. I believe I went to just rack up the hugest student loans in the world.As if I didn't have enough bills already. So I freelance Interior Design from the home, I barter my trade. I will decorate your home for free haircuts, Mary Kay makeup and high class booze. Seriously.

I actually enjoy being home with my chids..(a mix of children and kids). We find new
ways to torture one another each and every day. I show them how to be clean and responsible and they show me how fast they can try to give me gray hairs. Which aren't showing thanks to the free color.

Let's break it down..
Likes - singing(whether I can carry a tune is another story), dancing,painting and chocolate..
dislikes- worms and close minded people. Stubborn , onery closed -minded people.

Now that you have seen that citation ..would you like to take it for a test ride?
I promise it cruises like a jag.

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