Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I suck and I know it!

just kidding ..obviously I have been a total lazy ass when it comes to posting, and I know the whole sick kid excuse is a no go , so we will just blame it on my fear of commitment, ok? You know I love you , but I just can't commit to you. I am such a man..just kidding ya'll.

Anyway the party is coming along fine, and I pretty have all the 'nasty' games that will make my guests either scream with delight or gasp in horror..(I would rather see delight) and I found a whole bunch of raunchy snacks , like jello boobies,(no mine will not be served) penis suckers for the ladies, and a couple of other not so classy things. I am going to make slushy drinks with quite a bit o' alcohol. I guess to put it mildly we are hoping to have a night of debauchery!

Mocha Momma I definatly want you there ! Quick fly out to Montana and pary with us !

1 comment:

Mocha said...

Oh, I'd just end up dancing on a coffee table and looking for my bra the next morning. It wouldn't be pretty.