Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Phatty girl..

Random person- "You.. had six kids? You look great for having six kids.."
Me- in my head.. "but I don't want to look like I had any..."
I am tired of being overly chubby.. I have used to many excuses for too long..
I want my body back..Althouh I have never seen my body ..Basically I have been preggo for 10 years. I went from having this hot smaller teenage body.. to this.. I am by no means morbidly obese but I am very overweight. I need to take that step and start doing things.. I turn 29 in about 4 months and I want to know what it is like for me to have some what thinner((by my standards))body.. honestly to go back to what I weighed before I got pregnant with my first child I would have to lose about 75 lbs. Honestly that number scares the living piss out of me.. I want to start with a much smaller number .. about 40lbs.. right now that seems more attainable to me. I loved my body after I had my 2nd child and I feel comfortable heading to that weight.. so in my mind and forgive me if this is a ass-backward attempt in doing this but it makes sense in my hardwired brain.

short term goal- 8months- 1 year- 40lbs
long term goal- 2 years (roughly) - the last 35

I am going to do this by myself using the elff(Eat Less Fatty Foods) diet.. I found it online by another mother of 6 kids ..and her story is MINE.(.http://momtothescreamingmasses.typepad.com/the_elf_diet/2007/04/about_post.html)I love it! my worries concerns.. and excuses... have all been hers... Fad diets do not work for me and with my health history I don't want to harm my body anymore if I have too.. I can do this... I know I can..

No more excuses .. I am going to use this as my online diary also... I have to do this for myself..I WANT TO DO THIS..

Monday, October 29, 2007


Obviously I haven't been back here in almost a year..
So much has completely changed in the last 10 months.
We have moved from our small 4 bedroom duplex to a large victorian
6 bedroom home.. with the space to TADA.. have my own daycare.. completely
separate from my home.

I love it here.. I don't miss the old home at all ... granted it was close to
wally world .. but there is life besides commercial shopping centers..

Keith has decided to stay home with me , to help run the daycare , so we can expand and don't have to put out the cash for a employee.. It greatly helps out.

So yes.. alot has changed and I do plan on updating this way more often..((I was worried I forgot my password..))I will be back...