Monday, October 16, 2006

Its coming soon

Two days to go. I am in pain , and hate taking all that vicodin. it makes my head cloudy, and tired. Boy oh boy I can't wait until this thing is out of me. I am trying to clean up the house as much as I possibly can , so there isn't that much to do while I am recovering. Although everything was completely picked up, it's almost like swimming upstream, pointless and tiring. The kids , esp. the twins are steady tearing it apart. I haven't been in the greatest of moods , to put it bluntly I have been down right bitchy. My patience level is virtually non-existing, and I can't seem to be nice to anyone. I am not at my best when I feel my worst.

So it's time for me to buck up , bite back the knawing pain in my tummy and put the midgets down for bed. The it's off to la la land for me.

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