Monday, October 02, 2006

I hate Mondays

Mondays have never been my favorite day of the week.
In fact it would almost be easier if I said that I hated Mondays, but that wouldn't be totally true. I mean the kids go back to school on Mondays, hubby leaves for work on Mondays. So it is a little bit nice. Notice I said little in little. Other that that I have a strong dislike for Mondays.

It's hard getting back to a mad rush work week, after having potetially relaxing weekends where time seems to slow down a little bit , and you and your favorite girls get together and have a bottle of wine (actually..make that 5 bottles of wine and one of tequila.) and look at dildos,vibrators,and love swings!Oh,my!

Let me explain the whole dildo thing. I hosted a Pure Romance party, and had all my girls over.. we got crazy , and loud ..spent way too much money . But it was fun.. One of my friends had never , ever been to one of these kinds of parties , the look on her face I tell you was so priceless that I would have easily paid thousands to see it again. It was that funny. She got so worked up that mid-party she called her s.o. and told him that she needed him to go to the ATM so she can get everthing she wanted.. I really need to meet more people like her that will break the bank so I can get me more stuff. Greedy little heathen,aren't I?

After the party we decided to go clubbin' (if you can even call it that in this town) (( I mean I can't really say we went..hole-in-the wallin'!)) Murph's was packed and the drinks were flowing. This whole weekend I went out with $5.00 and came home with a nice buzz . I know I am cheap but when your destitute gotta do what you gotta do.. The dj , was playing all of our songs..or at least songs that we thought were ours after all the wine/tequila. After dancing,jiggying... salsaing.. we were spent, and soon one by one we all drifted to our respective homes. By the way ,,if I called or texted you..please ignore all requests for money, sex or both ..Seriously. Unless you really wanna give it to me. The money ,I mean.

Mondays just don't have that same free flowing vibe that Fridays have. There is always that prayer for the day to be over and over fast. Between the Landlord coming over to shut off the sprinkler system and seeing my mountians of laundry and the sick kids that are home from school, the coffee that has no creamer, the fridge that is near empty Mondays hold no magic for me ,just headache . Yeah, I think I like my Fridays better.

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