Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Ok .. I obviously woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.
I woke up at 4:30, freezing , (left the air on) with a crying child wanting to cuddle up with me. Which eventually means all the other children will waddle half awake and land in bed with us. Soon my room starts resembling a frat house after much partying,people just passed out everywhere. What is it about a parents room that children just love to gather in? SO, we fall asleep and at 5:30 my first child I watch is here. Struggling, I lay him down in the crib and he falls back asleep. Making my first, albiet not last,pot of coffee. All this time I am praying that this day is not going to be a looong one.

By 8:00 , I have everyone who is going to be here for the day , and three of them are teething, my youngest child, and two others . They are not happy, don't even look at them worng , because then it is all over! I am saying the serenity prayer, the Lords' Prayer, and Psalm 23, 43, 55, and 30003 over in my head to keep sane.
Pancakes and fruit are served, and all is quiet for the moment. Quietness ..even if it is short is Heaven on earth .

What is the rule that if you care for other children , your children feel the need to act up even more? I have came so close to calling my mommy and tell her that her grandbabies are picking on their mommy.

After breakfast , circle time ,free play and clean up ..It is time to go outside . You gotta keep these little ones busy or all heck breaks loose.
We go for a semi - long walk and sooon it is lunch time and after that is my blessed , most favoritest time ...NAP TIME!!

I turn on some slow quiet music ,Norah Jones, and soon everyone is asleep.

Quiteness ruling over the house the rest of the afternoon goes realitivly smooth
until later when all hades breaks loose.

My husband , my children and I are all in our front yard. Kids are playing, my oldest son is riding his bike up and down the sidewalk in front of our house. He stops at his friends house and then getting back on his bike and putting his helmet back on he gets hit. By a car. By his friends father. AGAGAGAAGAGAGHHHHH!

He gets up and runs home screaming," I got ran over by a car!, Someone hit me!!",
he then proceeds to fall dramatically on the ground. OH. MY . GOSH!!!!!!

I run over to him and start to check him out , there's no blood , but his right ear is starting to turn purple and his right shoulder is bruising up nicely. I look around and don't see anyone. So here I am thinking the worst and that my son was the victim of a hit and run.

Just a couple of seconds later , his friends father came down with my sons bike and told us what happened , how he was backing up in the driveway (he has a midsize truck) and heard/ felt a bump on the back of his truck, so he immeadialty put his truck and park and got out to see what it was . By that time,my son had already gotten up and ran home.

I immeadiatly took him to the hospital , where they pronounced him , fine (THANK YOU, GOD!!!) just a little brusied and with a sprain in his shoulder. They gave him some tylenol, and a brace for his arm and sent us on our way.By the time we got home I was exhausted, but thankful my son was ok. I just kept thinking about how the outcome could have been so much worse.

On a much lighter note , my husband and I are planning to visit our best friends in Washington in the middle of September. Our friends have season tickets to the Seahawks and my husband , our friend Ray are both die- hard Steelers fans,they plan on being completely decked out from head to toe in Steelers gear! At the opening home game. I am so not hoping to get lynched!

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