Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Phatty girl..

Random person- "You.. had six kids? You look great for having six kids.."
Me- in my head.. "but I don't want to look like I had any..."
I am tired of being overly chubby.. I have used to many excuses for too long..
I want my body back..Althouh I have never seen my body ..Basically I have been preggo for 10 years. I went from having this hot smaller teenage body.. to this.. I am by no means morbidly obese but I am very overweight. I need to take that step and start doing things.. I turn 29 in about 4 months and I want to know what it is like for me to have some what thinner((by my standards))body.. honestly to go back to what I weighed before I got pregnant with my first child I would have to lose about 75 lbs. Honestly that number scares the living piss out of me.. I want to start with a much smaller number .. about 40lbs.. right now that seems more attainable to me. I loved my body after I had my 2nd child and I feel comfortable heading to that weight.. so in my mind and forgive me if this is a ass-backward attempt in doing this but it makes sense in my hardwired brain.

short term goal- 8months- 1 year- 40lbs
long term goal- 2 years (roughly) - the last 35

I am going to do this by myself using the elff(Eat Less Fatty Foods) diet.. I found it online by another mother of 6 kids ..and her story is MINE.(.http://momtothescreamingmasses.typepad.com/the_elf_diet/2007/04/about_post.html)I love it! my worries concerns.. and excuses... have all been hers... Fad diets do not work for me and with my health history I don't want to harm my body anymore if I have too.. I can do this... I know I can..

No more excuses .. I am going to use this as my online diary also... I have to do this for myself..I WANT TO DO THIS..

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